RN.2 Runaways (Season 2)

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Created By:

Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage


Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Ever Carradine, James Marsters, Brigid Brannagh, Kevin Weisman, Brittany Ishibashi, James Yaegashi, Miles Bullock, Clarissa Thibeaux

Release Date:

December 21, 2018

Summary for Moms:

Following the events of Runaways Season 1, having spent the entirety of the first season having not run away, the titular group of Runaways have finally run away. But they don’t run away very far and shack up in a run down hostel. Meanwhile, their parents and their parents organization PRIDE hope to hunt them down and bring them home, both for their own sake and for the sake of angry rainbow alien Jonah (Julian McMahon). Jonah still aims to free his people from beneath L.A., even if it destroys the whole city. What follows is a clash between parents and children, the mysterious church of Gibborim, Jonah, and a group of mercenary cops, all while the Runaways deal with their own various teenage problems.


Runaways Season 2 literally opens with the scene from Spaceballs where they’ve captured the main characters stunt doubles, but Runaways plays it straight. The rest of the season doesn’t hit that level of ridiculousness, and had some compelling drama that my mom liked, but overall, is just okay.

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Other than seeing them finally be runaways for once, the first half of the season doesn’t seem to offer anything particularly interesting. It seemed to drag, with new characters like Topher (Jan Luis Castellanos) being introduced and quickly written out for no solid reason other than padding. However, my mom did find the fight between Molly and Topher interesting and exciting. Especially since she continually criticized Topher for using “drugs”.

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By episode 7, my mom was tiring of the series and remarked to me that it felt like a “really long show”, and I’d have to agree. That being said, Episode 7 is when the main plot with Jonah comes to a head and his crazy alien ship is destroyed, effectively ending his immediate plot. Plus, we find out that Jonah was merely the mind within the body of an Australian Man who looks like Julian McMahon, who immediately dies. Probably to prevent Julian McMahon from having to struggle with an Australian accent for the remainder of the series. Both my mom and I thought that this would be a decent season finale.

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But the show keeps going. And, honestly, my mom and I found the second half more interesting than the first. Freed from the shackles of Jonah’s crazy schemes, the series reverts to more of a caper format featuring the kids direct conflicts with the parents (much like the comic book), which we both thought was more entertaining. Episode 8 onwards feels like a different, retooled show with the intro of corrupt cops and a slightly more nefarious Church of Gibborim led by Frank Dean. Both of those throughlines kept her attention for the remainder of the season.

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And, yes, Jonah – still alive – and a select few of his cronies have pulled an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers and are taking over some of PRIDE’s finest. But that was relegated mostly to the background and provided some interesting intrigue. I did have to explain to my mom how we could tell the difference between the main PRIDE folks and their alien alters (subtle cues regarding the characters’ hair and glasses positioning), but she slowly started to understand, with a bit of lingering confusion.

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Runaways Season 2 continues to be just as much of a mixed bag as the first. My mom’s attention was not fully there, but the latter half of the season did pull in some interesting storylines, so it wasn’t all bad!

Mom Rating (Out of Five):

Runaways Fistigon Rating.png

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Again, those things up there are Chase’s fistigons.
  • My mom has never seen Spaceballs, so she didn’t get why I was laughing my ass off.
  • They use the word “Runaways” more in the first 15 minutes than in the entire first season. Probably to make up for lost time.
  • They’re still really pushing Lyft over Uber. But Lyft does have that round up for charity feature, which is nice. (I’m not being paid for this promotion)
  • My mom prefers Nico without all the Goth makeup. She’s not very understanding about that personal choice.
  • She really enjoyed Molly’s attitude and her kicking the crap out of the corrupt cop Flores. Maybe a little too much.
  • Who’s going to clean up all that quincenara confetti?
  • It’s not really Marvel-related, but here’s a quick little self-promotion plug for my book out now!


2 thoughts on “RN.2 Runaways (Season 2)”

    1. Damn it! I should’ve done my research and/or not based all my assumptions on his American accents in Nip/Tuck and the Fantastic Four movies.

      As a monument to my ignorance, I’m leaving that in the review.


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