JJ.2 Jessica Jones (Season 2)


Created By:

Melissa Rosenberg


Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville, Carrie-Anne Moss, J.R. Ramirez

Release Date:

March 8, 2018

Summary for Moms:

Following the events of Jessica Jones Season 1 and The Defenders, Jessica finds herself back in her familiar, dysfunctional groove. But that all changes with the arrival of Pryce Cheng (Terry Chen), head of a rival P.I. firm who seems intent on acquiring her fly-by-night operation. Furthermore, Jessica’s troubles are compounded by the new super in her building who has a grudge against superheroes, as well as the increasingly crazed behavior of her friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). Amidst all this, Jessica continues her investigation into IGH, the shadowy organization that gave her her powers, which leads down a dark path that reveals some surprising family secrets that weren’t as buried as she expected.



Jessica Jones Season 2 had an uphill battle to fight from the very beginning. The first season was a no-holds barred psychological thriller with attitude, thanks in no small part to David Tennant’s performance as the villain Kilgrave. Given his fate, Season 2 had to introduce a similarly compelling and terrifying villain to rival Kilgrave’s incredible stage presence. It didn’t. But it did craft an interesting narrative with a lot of moving parts that kept my mom and me interested for all 13 episodes.


My mom’s buzzword for this season was “psycho”, and it’s a pretty apt one. Between the shocking (yet somewhat lazy, in my opinion) reveal of Jessica’s mother as the primary antagonist, to Trish’s wild turn as a drug-and-jealousy-addled force of nature, the whole season turns out to be a sort of overwhelming psychotic whirlwind. To be clear, she used the word ‘psycho’ so many times that it’s lost all meaning to me. Here are some choice quotes from her in this regard:

  • “Wow. This ‘Jessica Jones’ is really something. It’s a psycho story and it just keeps going.”
  • “Everybody is psycho in this story.”
  • “Just keeps getting more and more psycho.”
  • “This is psycho, but interesting.”
  • “Even though it’s psycho, I want to see what happens.”


It’s the last quote that probably sums up Season 2 the best. It’s a breakneck story with some incredibly wild turns that make it feel like its going off-the-rails. This is compounded by the fact that they’ve tried to circumvent the Kilgrave problem by stacking Jessica with complex, multi-faceted antagonists in her mother and Trish. It doesn’t quite jive all the time, but when it does, it does. And it worked just enough to keep us invested, despite all the psychoses.


While it certainly doesn’t reach the dizzying heights of Jessica Jones Season 1, Season 2 is a competent and compelling follow-up that doesn’t quite fill the David Tennant-sized shoes it aims for, but does move on and give us something different. That being said, my mom probably preferred that, since she really didn’t want Kilgrave to come back.


So when he did, inevitably appear (as a hallucination), she was terrified and couldn’t believe it. And that’s always a fun reaction to see.

Mom Rating (Out of Five):

Jessica Jones 2 Whiskey Rating

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • My mom was really upset whenever anybody did drugs on screen. In this season, that includes Jeri, Trish, and Malcolm, so a large number of the main characters. She kept calling them idiots.
  • “People shouldn’t do drugs.”
  • She was shocked when Simpson turned up again just to die, and was very intrigued when he was killed.
  • My mom was indeed surprised by the reveal that the main antagonist was Jessica’s mom, but was put off by her uncontrollable rage and that she only seemed able to “break things and burn things”.
  • When Jessica and her mom team up to save her super’s son from a vengeful ex-wife, my mom was thoroughly delighted to see “two super-powered ladies” in action.
  • She made fun of Jeri for being scammed by those two con artists, but was on her side when she manipulated one into killing the other. Real cold.
  • My mom was really sad that Jessica’s mom died, but liked that the season ended on a calmer, happier note and she can’t wait to see what happens next.

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