0.0 Make Mom Marvel: An Introduction

Most people start their comic book addictions at an early age, and I was certainly no different. My dad took me to comic stores and let me run rampant, picking up random issues of Marvel and DC alike. And although my dad didn’t care what I consumed, my mom vehemently voiced her disapproval at several junctures. While she never stopped me, she just couldn’t understand what I saw in these comics with “monsters” and “disgusting things”.

So you could imagine my surprise when she expressed interest in The Flash, after catching the first episode on Netflix. So my little Indian mother and I powered through the first season… and then the second… and then the third. She found a lot of enjoyment in this show about the fastest man alive fighting magic people from the future, or from parallel universes or whatever you call Gorilla Grodd. Suddenly, the “monsters” and “disgusting things” that were anathema to her years ago, weren’t so bad.

Having your opinions validated by your parents 20 years after the fact is a really great feeling. I’d highly recommend it. 13/10.

That being said, she just limited herself to The Flash and didn’t dip her toes into Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, which were just not her speed. Don’t ask why. My mom’s taste in things varies wildly and without any specific rhyme or reason.

Case in Point:


Another victim of the successful ‘Hey, what’re you watching? That looks good’ strategy, my mom was enthralled by Iron Fist after the first few episodes, despite what I saw as lackluster direction and general mediocrity. The critics didn’t much care for it, either. But, she loved it. She was interested in (spoiler alert) The Hand and was mystified by the fact that they and Madame Gao were freakin’ everywhere. She didn’t even care that we didn’t get to see Danny Rand fight a dragon or get his iconic green and yellow costume (end spoilers). She just had a lot of fun watching it. And although I didn’t think it was the best Marvel had to offer, I had a lot of fun watching it with her.

Seeing an opportunity, I hooked her onto Daredevil next, which she loved, but lamented that Season 2 had way too many ninjas in it. It should be noted that she also always hates things that are “too violent”, but she loved Daredevil. I say again: my mom’s taste in things varies wildly and without any specific rhyme or reason.

I tried to get her into Jessica Jones, but she didn’t seem to care for it. Maybe it was that graphic sex scene with Luke Cage 20 minutes into the first episode. Okay, yeah, watching that wasn’t fun for me either. I guess I pushed it a little too far. She’ll probably watch the Defenders when it comes out, though.

That being said, I loved to see my mom enjoying things that I do, so I wanted to take it a step further. The next logical move was to introduce her to the Marvel Cinematic since it is a nice tonal middle ground between the Ultraviolence of Marvel’s Netflix Shows and the Cartoonish Naivety of The CW’s Flash TV show.

The next logical move after THAT would be to blog about it so everyone can see.

Luckily, I have all of the currently available films on Blu-Ray. Due to my outrageous spending habits, I purchased them in the most ludicrous way possible, in the Phase 1 and 2 Special Edition Bundles that come with cheaply-produced light up toys.



So, in the coming weeks and months, I will present the opinions of a little old Indian lady on the mighty Marvel Universe in my new ongoing series: “Make Mom Marvel”.

You can read about it here or on my personal website Ds-Df.Com

And future me, if you’re reading this, remember: it sounded like a good idea at the time.

3 thoughts on “0.0 Make Mom Marvel: An Introduction”

    1. There are plenty of comics for Thor. The most recent runs of the last 5 years have been particularly interesting and beautiful in the art department.

      Nowadays it’s kinda confusing since there are two Thors: the strapping gent similar to the movies, and a Lady Thor who’s just as great.

      I’d recommend starting with this volume and seeing if it’s to your taste:


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